Wishnow Tea

Wishnow Tea was started out of the desire to offer a sustainable wholesale tea program to our customers.  For many years we have packaged tea bags for other companies which often involved attaching a string and tag as well as an over wrap on each tea bag, not to mention the tea box itself.  This unnecessary excess packaging, especially for wholesale use, and the waste we were aware it became never sat well with us.  So rather than sit on the sidelines any longer we decided to get in the game and create a responsible and sustainable wholesale tea program the way we always thought it should be done. 

All of our teas, herbs and spices are sourced from the premier growing estates and gardens throughout the world.  We package them in biodegradable tea bags (without the excess packaging) and provide our customers with refillable stainless steel airtight containers with each opening order.  By eliminating the cost of these unnecessary packaging "add-ons", we have more money to invest in the tea and the environment, and are able to offer our customers a premium product at a more economic price.

Simply put, Wishnow Tea is a mindful approach to tea.